Auburn, AL: March Planning Notes

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Since the supply for multi-family, especially in the downtown area of Auburn, seems to have finally caught up to demand, the amount of new developments being proposed has slowed recently. Only one development was sent into city council this month, the West Veterans Apartments, which is close to the interstate and far from downtown.

  • West Veterans Apartments: Recommendation to City Council for conditional use approval for a performance residential use (multiple family development).


March has been slow on the subdivision front as well, with only two putting in requests, one of which is an expansion of an already existing neighborhood. The total number of lots added is 206.

  • Auburn Links Crossing, Subdivision, Phase 3: Revised Preliminary plat approval for a 28 lot conventional subdivision [27 single family residential lots and one (1) open space lot].

  • Camden West Subdivision: Preliminary plat approval for a 189 lot performance subdivision [184 single family residential lots and five (5) open space lots].

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