Multi-Family Units New and Upcoming

Auburn has seen an explosion of apartments lately, especially in the downtown area, and we've compiled a list of the most notable.

The Balcony

The Balcony was finished just last year, adding an aesthetic of large porches.

222 Lofts

Adjacent to the Balcony, and developed by the same company, CollegeTown Porperties, 222 Lofts sits right next to the railroad tracks downtown and the well-known Freewheeler building.


The Evolve apartments just opened up a few weeks ago to the new onslaught of students arriving for the Fall semester. Evolve most definitely carries over a "university" feel with it's architecture, which resembles the new buildings built and/or refaced on campus in the past couple of years.

Evolve brings a whopping 450 beds to the downtown area, mostly -- and -- rooms per unit. It, like all downtown apartments, will have retail on the ground floor.

191 N College.

This one, which is literally across the street from Evolve, will mirror it's neighbor in architecture and size. Although developed by different companies

The Standard

The biggest of the bunch, the Standard will be built on the corner of Glenn and Gay St, where the old Checkers and dive shop used to be. This apartment complex will have 683 beds in it spread over five different floors. The ground floor will, of course, be retail.

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