Our Work on Sabal Trail

Our Work on Sabal Trail

1. What is Sabal Trail?

It is not, despite its name, a trail. Rather, it’s a pipeline. A large pipeline. Created by Spectra Energy, NextEra Energy, Inc., and Duke Energy, Sabal Trail runs 515 miles from Alabama to Florida, where—as of July 3rd— it provides natural gas to the otherwise gas-deficient state. The “trail” starts in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, where it interconnects with the Transco pipeline there, and winds all the way down through 26 counties until it reaches the Central Florida Hub in Osceola County. There it is redistributed throughout the state.

2. Why is it needed?

It turns out that Florida is not located near a source of natural gas production, and it’s geology is not conductive to creating any. Hence the need for Sabal Trail. The pipeline is capable of carrying up to 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day, and is necessary in keeping up with increasing demand, especially since coal-and oil-based means of power are dying out. Sabal Trail is, as of now, only in Phase 1 of the project; it intends to move onto Phase 2 in 2020, and Phase 3 in 2021.

3. Where does The Eidson Company come in?

A project like this, of course, requires land. 515 miles of it. Sabal Trail was granted a right of way for the long path it needed through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. In order to determine the value of the land (and to know how much to compensate the land owners), Sabal Trail contracted The Eidson Company to appraise the right of way in Alabama. This was approximately 86 miles of land.

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