June 18, 2019

(all information gathered from


Since the supply for multi-family, especially in the downtown area of Auburn, seems to have finally caught up to demand, the amount of new developments being proposed has slowed recently. O...

June 18, 2019

(All information is gathered from


February has seen little in terms of multi-family requests to the city council. Other than a proposal to change Harper Ave into a Medium Density Residential District (MDRD) for the area'...

January 23, 2019

  • Samford Village PDD and Conditional Uses

    • Recommendation to apply the Planned Development District (PDD) designation to 30.62 acres.

    • Recommendation for conditional use approval for performance residential development, institutional...

January 23, 2019

  • Auburn 57, First Addition

    • Preliminary plat approval for a performance residential development (75 lot single family residential subdivision).

  • The Arbors

    • Revised preliminary plat approval for a conventional subdivision (...

November 27, 2018

  •  Bella and Collina Rezoning and Conditional Use Approval

    • ​Recommendation for rezoning 4.25 acres to Limited Development District (LDD).

    • Recommendation for conditional use approval for a performance residential development (town ho...

November 27, 2018

Things have been happening lately in Auburn. A lot of things. Here's a look at all the multi-family developments that have cropped up over the past two years:

October 22, 2018

  • Donahue Ridge, Phase 5 Pre-Zoning

    • Recommendation for pre-zoning of 8.05 acres to Development District Housing (DDH).

  • The Avenue

    • Preliminary and final plat approval for performance residential development (lot consolidat...

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